The Nature of Dreams

During this restless time in the world, the personal center is one of our few places of security. Yet many of us have suppressed or have never known how to access our center's dream wisdom.

The fast pace and unexamined nature of contemporary life leaves us with conditioned patterns and attitudes. We are plagued by biases of an overly intellectual, literal and material culture. This materialistic, preconceived thinking blocks us from the messages of our dreams and their inherent wisdom.

This dream seminar addresses the power of images, symbols and meanings of dreams. Learn the wisdom of your own dreams and the meaning they hold for your life. Broaden the diversity of your potential by a means known to other cultures who have not forgotten the language of the dream and


Tracking and Nature Awareness

Read the language of nature's signs, and images. Learn to live through metaphors of nature and tracking; Experience nature beyond the ordinary while expanding instincts, intuition and vision. Sense the interconnectedness of all things. Nature is not only a backdrop to our lives. It is the source for all that sustains life. Nature teaches both practical and profound realities of life.

NORMA SCHELL, a mental health professional, is a graduate of Tom Brown, Jr.'s Nature and Wilderness Survival School.

From Illness to Health

Learn from sound practical exercises and understandings of our physical nature. Work through unease and relieve disease in ways natural to the body from one who learned by both experience and study.

Norma Schell, a former Registered Nurse, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Nationally Registered Group Therapist and Nationally Certified Counselor. Her professional knowledge is enriched with universal principles of recovery and health gleaned from decades of work with professionals highly trained in Chinese medicine and exercise, Apache medicine and depth psychology.

Norma has recovered from multiple sclerosis after decades of illness. She is the author of Heal From The Heart Odyssey Through Nature, Soul and Recovery From Multiple Sclerosis. She currently speaks and holds seminars throughout the country.

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